Children’s furniture is some  of the most fun furniture to build. Kids are only young once, so their furniture should be fun. Kids’ furniture doesn’t need to be serious, as long as it is safe and meets their needs. From tree bookcases to castles beds ,their furniture  should let allow children to  enjoy their space. Allowing children to be a part of design process gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Options are endless! Choose favorite colors or a favorite cartoon character.  You can even combine your childs favorites.Having your furniture custom built can tie your theme together seamlessly.

Your child’s furniture should reflect their personality of who they are… or would like to become! Store brand furniture can lack  personality and uniqueness. Your budget will dictate how much you spend and how much longevity you need from their furniture.  Some people buy furniture to past down for generations, while others only need the piece for a few years. Decide what is right for your  child that has . Remember its  their room,  ultimately  they should be happy and love to retreat to it.