What impacts the cost of custom furniture? What impact the costs?

Commissioning a custom piece is similar to having a suit custom-tailored versus buying off the rack. The first thing clients must realize is that it is not a hobby. Don’t expect hobby prices and high quality.

It takes a while to design and build custom furniture. From paper, to wood, to its final destination.

The extent of the price depends on the degree of complexity, wood, materials, finishing and design.

Some say, “Your chairs are so expensive.”  Those who know fine furniture ask, “How can you sell your chairs so cheaply?”  The right selling price is as hard to pin down as a quark.  People decide to buy by their own assignment of value.  An acceptable selling price is related to measurable quality, but not as firmly as we artisans would like to think.  The artisan’s reputation, the product’s presentation, the validation of third parties (justified or not), and the price of possible substitutes are just as important.