Furniture is one of the biggest investments for a home.Deciding on the right material is important. Furniture  is made from many materials, most of them some form of plywood-veneers. Wood is versatile and relatively inexpensive compared with other materials, Until the 20th Century, most furniture was made from solid wood. Shortly after plywood furniture designs and construction began to be dominated by its use.  Particle board was invented in the 1940’s and by the 50’s it was in furniture and cabinetry but having limitations in structure and durability.

Solid wood is made up of long, uninterrupted fibers given  it strength and durability. “Engineered” materials such  particle board and plywood do not have the resilience that solid wood has because they are made up of many pieces of wood glued together. Moisture can  sometime temporarily   cause some solid wood components to stick or warp slightly but this same effect on “engineered” woods can render them completely de-laminated, unrepairable and useless. Even poorly constructed solid wood pieces have survived because they can be repaired.

Solid wood and Classic Designs go together like cake and icecream! The long-lasting characteristics of solid wood make it the  perfect material for designs that stand the test of time.  Solid wood can survive much more abuse and neglect than a piece made from man-made materials.