With so many hobbyist cashing in on  reinforced kennel and wooden kennels. Consumers should be weary on who they choose to build their dog crate. The  person you choose should have more ton their mind than how to make a buck.   Your dogs health safety, and your peace of mind  should be the number one concern.

Questions to ask :
Q. What type of wood do you use?

A. Why is this important? Not all wood is created equally. Most plywood wreaks with formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is unsafe for humans. So why would you want your dog breathing that in. Formaldehyde exposure leads to acute and sometimes severe local reactions, such as inflammation. Exposure  can lead to renal/hepatic toxicity and eventually shock. It can also lead to metabolic acidosis.

Q. What regulations do you use?

A. There are two of regulations. CR1 found on line and #CR 82(not online must be purchased). If the person building the kennel for your dog doesn’t think its important to invest in the regulations. Then how can the safety of your dog be important.

Q. What kind of relationship do you have with the airlines?

This is very important. Communicating with airlines and keeping open communication with the cargo is essential for quality kennels. You can be assured that your kennel won’t have any issues.

Q.Do you make custom kennels or do you have standard sizes?

A. If the answer is standard sizes… run. You may be wasting hundreds of dollars not only with purchasing too large of a kennel, but with your airline ticket as well.  Your airline ticket will cost more if you’re carrying unneeded excess weight. Also two big of a crate may create anxiety for your dog. Too big of crate means your pup may not feel as safe and snug as needed.